How to get Sugar to start working for your child with ADHD!

In this workshop, you will learn 3 strategies to help you include sugar smartly into your child's diet while BUILDING Attention, Focus and Mood Stability.

June 21, 22 & 28

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During this live Workshop, you will learn:

3 ways that Sugar can affect your child's diet!

3 strategies to use Sugar without disrupting mood

3 Foods that optimize Focus and Energy in your child

SMART combinations and times to eat Sugar while still staying focused.

Which meal is best suited for Dessert?

Is Raw Sugar really better than White Sugar?

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Blood Sugar Balance is KEY to sustaining Attention

Sugar is Bad. Sugar is OK in moderation. Sugar doesn't cause Hyperactivity. Sugar causes behavioral issues.

Which one of these is true? All of these are true but partially true. Some key information is left out in almost every analysis of sugar.

It is time to get clear about Sugar.

Inform and educate yourself with this workshop, and leave with the confidence to use sugar in the right way WHILE still increasing FOCUS, balancing MOODS and increasing STABILITY or REGULATION.

This Workshop is a Must-Attend if

  • You are a parent of a child with Learning Disabilities 
  • You are struggling to manage your child's hyperactivity
  • Your child is on an emotional roller-coaster
  • You are struggling to manage/understand healthy meals for your kids
  • Your child has Down Syndrome or Autism
  • Your child is sometimes too dys-regulated to function and learn.

A Personal Invitation from Me

Vaish Sarathy, Ph.D.

I have been working with and learning about Food, Nutrition and Focus for the last 11 years.

Slowly fine-tuning my son's diet, so he could attend for more than 10 mins at a time, so he could stop laughing maniacally, I have figured out how food affects mood and focus.

This brand new Workshop is a result of everything I have learned in this process.

If you are committed to making change in your child's attention and regulation through natural means, I can't wait to help you get there quickly, and effectively!

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June 21, 2022

6 PM

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June 22, 2022



June 28, 2022