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A 5-week online program to build Focus, stabilize Moods and support Learning in children

Roadmap to Attention and Regulation (R.O.A.R.) is a unique course where you will learn how to precisely use food and nutrition as powerful tools to stabilize your child’s moods, increase their focus, increase their energy, and  move into a learning path and mindset.

All of this in 5 weeks!



As a functional nutrition educator, I help you look into chronic problems such as migraines, autism symptoms, ADHD symptoms, behavior, growth, etc. and address root cause dysfunction. We don’t just talk symptom relief. We take a systems approach via food and lifestyle optimization to achieve optimal health.

This is a mutual commitment of 1 month to help your child get a jump start in their process of healing and recovery.

3 sessions. 45 mins each. You get an Action Plan and 3 weeks of email support. 



  • There are 3 steps to a child’s health: NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, RESPECT or LEARNING. Now you can add the word FUNCTIONAL to all of the above.
  • Functional Nutrition optimizes the ability of the child to be comfortable in their own body.
  • Functional Movement is the language of the brain.
  • It helps the brain find new ways to move and think. 
  • Functional Learning Assumes Competence, and figures out HOW the child learns and HOW they express themselves.

Functional Nutrition itself is at least 3-tiered involving Genetics, Inflammation and Digestion.

When we get started in tandem, addressing various sources of dysfunction with ease and respect, CHANGE follows slowly but surely. 

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