Video Resources

Dosa Challenge : Mung Bean Dosa for breakfast

How to make a Dosa – Dosa Challenge Step 5

Fermented Batter

Dosa Day 3 – The Batter

Soaking for a Dosa : Dosa Challenge Day 2

Dosa Ingredients-Step 1 Dosa Challenge

The Value of a Math Education – With Madison Hollman

The value of Alternative Communication with Danny Whitty

Fracking Fossilized Minds” with Imane Boukaila

Is School Really For Education?

Movement Therapy with Sonia Story

Why Biomedical Intervention does not work for Autism

“We are all Cognitively Intact” with Jamison Handley and J.B. Handley

Vision and Learning

Why AAC is better than Speech – with Tiffany!

Neuroinflammation and Mold with Dr. Jill Crista – part 1

The Hyperactivity Diet

Food and my Body-Mind with Ethan Nagy

Mental Health and Resilience in Kids with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

How to approach Occupational Therapy for Kids- with Tamar Nevo

Essential Oils to Support Anxiety and Stress in Kids

Simplicity in the world of “Picky” or Restricted Eating with Jess Sherman

3 Strategies to help Constipation in children with Down Syndrome

6 pillars for a fundamental Gut-Healing Diet (for Autism associated symptoms)

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