56 Navigating Puberty and Anxiety with Dr. Julie Buckley

Dr Julie Buckley wows us with revelations about GABA levels and ways to address GABA and anxiety puberty and beyond, especially in autistic teens.

Listen on to hear about:

-GABA supplementation


-Diet and

-Presumption of Competence (isn’t it amazing how this finds its way in the most seemingly unlikely of places)




52 Supporting Neuroplasticity and Equipping Minds with Dr. Carol Brown

Dr. Carol Brown, founder of the Equipping Minds foundation takes us through the factors involved in cognitive development:

1. Processing
2. Working Memory
3. Comprehension and Visualization

4. Reasoning abilities and more …

while describing why it is important for learning to happen in a joyful manner and how IQ and academics are not at all the same thing as ability (regardless of diagnoses such as Down Syndrome or Autism).




50 Rapid Prompting Method with Soma Mukhopadhyay

In the 50th episode of Functional Nutrition and Learning for Kids, one of my favorite thought leaders, Soma Mukhopadhyay, talks to us about:

-how learning channels determine teaching

-the 4 goals of RPM – not just information download – but cognition, sensory, tolerance and communication goals.

-the importance of a sensory map when working with a child (as opposed to a label)

If you are interested in helping your child jump start their learning and sensory goals, I highly recommend checking out RPM.




49 The most important strategy to help your child learn NOW

If there is ONE thing you are likely not doing with your child with Autism or Down Syndrome, it is THIS strategy.

Doing this will make the difference from teaching repeated ABCs and moving to writing poetry and studying advanced literature.

I call this non-linear education!