65 How to approach Occupational Therapy – with Tamar Nevo

Tamar is one of the most experienced and respected OTs I know and one of the few people I know that truly thinks outside the box.

In this episode Tamar talks about the value of

-looking at motor first

-what parents of young children should keep in mind

-the value of curiosity and wonder as opposed to a “fix-it” mindset, and

-what a new OT can keep in mind.

You will find this podcast to be invaluable in choosing an OT to work with your child.


64 Essential Oils to support Anxiety and Stress with Jodi Cohen

In this episode Vaish and Jodi Cohen talk about how essential oils can be that “bypass” or “magic bullet” that can stimulate the vagus nerve, calm fight-or-flight, and bring children (and adults) into a parasympathetic state.

Essential Oils can work when more traditional foods and supplements don’t, because they can diffuse through the skin, and reach the brain quicker through the olfactory system.

If you have a child that is a resistant eater, or with significant GI inflammation, this podcast may be of use to you.


63 Simplicity in the world of “Picky Eating” with Jess Sherman

Nutritionist Jess Sherman brings back simplicity to the sometimes very complicated world of dietary interventions for “picky” eaters.

She asks us as parents to:

Get Curious and Ask What is going on in the body with her 3-pillar framework:

1 Address Nutrient Deficiencies

2 Resolve Stress / Digestion

3 Deep dive into Digestive imbalance and dysbiosis.


62. 6 pillars to a gut-healing “Autism diet”

If you are looking to address:


-behavioral dys-regulation

-focus and/or


there are a few fundamental principles that can help you design a diet (often mislabeled as an Autism Diet) that helps your child through the symptoms that they struggle with.

This is more accurately a food-based approach for symptoms that often co-exist with Autism, but are truly more common these days for everyone.




61 Fight, Flight, and the Breath with Dana Frost

In this podcast for parents facing anxiety and sometimes delayed trauma like symptoms, Dana Frost leads us through

  • the 4 qualities of a healthy breath.
  • heart rate variability
  • heart-centered breathing
  • how to change your default trigger state.

All of these techniques can be used also by children that have some control over their breathing.

Listen on…




60 Functional Mushrooms for Focus and Health with Danielle Broida

Danille Ryan Broida is a mycologist, the National Educator of FOUR SIGMATIC and is teaching the world about a life on Functional Mushrooms.

We discuss: