When changes dont stick

“Education without stability will not stick. Stability without education has no value!”

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I have missed chatting with you – and I am back with a very important newsletter.

I hear from dozens of parents every month telling me they have tried everything and either:

  • nothing works, or
  • nothing sticks.

So first, you are not alone, if you have seen this.

But second, there is a reason that this happens.

It turns out that there are a few critical factors that are super important in helping our kids learn, and that these factors work symbiotically – which means that each one of them supports the other.

If you have only done diet, that is not enough. Your child is healthy, but bored to death.

If you are waiting for magical speech to show up, or for apps on the iPad to do their magic, remember the most complex communication we have seen in Autistic kids comes from low-tech letter boarding techniques such as RPM and S2C.

If you have done reflexes to death, congratulations, your child’s body has developed its intelligence, but it is now time to feed it with age appropriate education.

In this podcast, I talk about reasons that diets and even communication strategies sometimes don’t work in a vacuum and what you can do to help that work.

But in a nutshell, here’s the answer:

Communication, Education, Anti-Inflammatory Diets, Biomedical Interventions and Movement Therapies work in a complex web of symbiosis. We really need at least 3 of them to work together – appropriate communication, eating food that heals, nourishes and does not inflame, and moving so that your body knows where it is in space.

The cherry on the pie is to be unrelenting is Assuming Intelligence in your child no matter what people tell you.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Onward my friend!


How to do the work that brings change this year!

“New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is a process, not an outcome.” – JAMES CLEAR

Happy New Year!

I am so excited to have you here, this new year, with the intention to do things just a bit differently this year.

So, I think New Year Resolutions are very yesterday. I mean you and I know how well they (don’t) work.

But that doesn’t mean that change is impossible – Change simply doesn’t come from new goals. It comes from new ways of looking, new mindsets.

In this week’s podcast episode, I take you to perhaps the most important step – the HOW TO – HOW TO DO THE WORK THAT BRINGS CHANGE THIS YEAR!

I am going to give you the answer right here:

Ask yourself the question “How can I make my work more fun?”

This new year, don’t be MORE PATIENT or MORE HARDWORKING, or MORE DILIGENT. Those things are less important than being:

  2. ACTIVELY TRYING TO HAVE FUN while working with your child.

While you get ready to listen to the podcast, let me share with you 3 ways to make learning NOT FUN for your learner, for your child:

  1. Your child is doing 20 hours or even better, 40 hours of ABA per week
  2. You have been teaching addition for 3 months, or better, 3 years
  3. You come back from work and have your child crawl back and forth across the home per your neuro-developmental program, followed by 10 other exercises that need to be done before sleeping.

Do listen to the episode for more! And if you are inspired, drop the podcast a review on iTunes

Onward my friend,

In pursuit of learning and fun,