“Vaishnavi was able to provide us the best guidance around addressing my kid’s nutritional and learning needs. Her knowledge and experience helped us make our kid’s diet both diverse and balanced.”

Sid K

Dad Of Kid With Autism And Behavioral Challenges.

“Working with Vaish has helped us greatly with understanding of the gut health and its importance.  She is extremely knowledgeable with the functional nutrition aspects of it and is very patient enough to explain her protocol and clear any doubts that we may have.
She is very clear in her approach and her protocols are very crisp and the best part is she is always reachable when needed for help. I am very glad we got to work with her in helping address my daughter’s  symptoms.”

Mom of Autistic Kid With Eczema And Hyperactivity Symptoms

When I spoke for the first time with Vaish, I had a lot of health issues going on from extreme fatigue, mind fog, lack of motivation, mood swings, alternating constipation and diarrhea and some or the other bacterial infection going on. Oh, and I’d just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism couple of months back. It would not be an exaggeration if I claimed to have tried every diet out there. Also, since I have always been overweight, every other person gave me health advice and I had little motivation to try functional nutrition. But I consider myself lucky that a close friend of mine suggested her name and for some reason I thought of giving it a shot. 

From there, through a period of 6-8 months she has helped me come to a place where I can say I’ve not fallen sick in the past 3 months, my thyroid hormones have been optimized, I do Yoga and meditation( yes, Vaish introduced me to Meditation) on most days in the week and dance on the weekends. I’ve learnt to manage my sugar cravings and have developed a positive relationship with food and my own body for the very first time in my life.
If you’re looking for guidance with your food, you are at the right place. Vaish is more like a sister/cheerleader for you in your journey to better health”

Engineer, Intel

“If you want transformative insight into various lifestyle options for your personal well-being, Vaish is the person to help you! I approached Vaish over concerns about the way I had been feeling— severe bloating even after small meals, low energy, and a general feeling of being unwell and not metabolizing food appropriately. Vaish is passionate about the effectiveness of personalized nutritional requirements and has helped me formulate a plan that works with my lifestyle. In addition to her bottomless knowledge regarding the pathophysiology of various foods, she is sincerely caring, charming, and funny! I recommend her services to adults and children alike, Vaish keeps up with research on the foods we ingest and I guarantee, she has a solution for your problem!”

Anita Misra-Press

Independent Medical Writed

Working with Vaish was amazing, she was thorough: taking the time to understand not just my medical history but also evaluate my current my lifestyle needs. She explained all of her suggestions and offered my supplements that were extremely effective in helping me with my condition and improved my quality of life immensely.”

Meenakshi Sundaram

Engineer, Intel

“Its been around 1 year that I have been working with Vaishnavi for my almost 6 yo son with ASD. For his case hyperactivity was a very BIG issue.

Vaish helped me to understand how certain foods were making him hyperactive and eliminating them could change the whole scenario. After that my son hardly had any episodes of hyperactivity .

Recently we have been working on his irregular bowels and have already made huge progress on that area as well . I am so fortunate to have got a smart , knowledgeable, deep thinking mentor to work with ! ”

Pritha B

Mom of child with Autism and Hyperactivity

“Vaishnavi is a good friend of mine. I was looking for ways to ramp down my medications for acid reflux which was persistent for about a year and a half.

She is a great listener when it comes to hearing out medical issues. Vaishnavi’s tailored nutrition plan made a noticeable difference in my symptoms right from the first week of consultation. She would adjust my plan based on my food and symptoms journal.

Her understanding of symptoms and remediation nutrition plan during the entire process was spot on. I was successfully able to get off medications in about two months’ period and have been able to continue without medications and symptoms for about 6 months now.

As a result of working with her, I am able to appreciate and enjoy a healthy, tasty and wholesome nutrition. I would highly recommend her and her warm working style to anyone who is looking for a sustained outcome.”

Viji Ramadoss

Engineering Manager, Huron

I have been suffering from PCOS from the age of 15 with symptoms like irregular periods, weight gain and fatigue. Upon trying conventional medicine i was always given birth control pills to regulate my period which came with its own side effects like hair loss, irritability etc. Then I was introduce to functional nutrition by my friend who referred me to Vaishnavi. 

Vaishnavi started me with 3 weeks elimination diet and later included one eliminated food group at a time to analyse the root cause, this helped me understand the I was sensitive to gluten in my diet. I start losing weight but i still didnt get my periods regularly , that when we start checking my blood glucose level, this helped me alot, I now knew what foods where my trigger foods which resulted in a spike in my blood sugar, avoiding and limiting these food helped me control my blood sugar which balanced my hormones and I was able get regular period.
Overall functional nutrition and working with vaishnavi gave me an opportunity to understand the root cause of my condition and helped me cure PCOS using foods.
Aarti R

Graphics Hardware Engineer, Intel

“Vaishnavi is an amazing listener and great at explaining how things work. It was great working with her to understand what works for my body and what doesn’t and that every body is different. She has easy tips to make small changes that have big effects to your body.”

Deepika Nukala

Sales and Operations Analyst, IBM

“I started reaching out to Vaishnavi when my 8 year old started getting chronic migraine attacks. It was impacting her day to day activities and her school work as well. We could not plan in advance for even a single day, because she would come down with migraine and all of our plans were out the window.

Like any mom would have, I wished I had a magic wand to make this pain go away for my little one. I panicked not knowing where to start  but very glad that I talked to Vaishnavi and started getting her timely inputs.

Her vast knowledge in the area of food sensitivities, basic nutrition requirements to treat a condition was extremely useful. She also used to do more research as needed, to help isolate, identify and resolve the issue. Given that the specialist appointment was close to 1 month away, we were already set in the right direction based on Vaishnavi’s recommendation. Even the neurologist agreed with the approach we were taking to attack the migraine issue.

Vaishnavi truly cared about my daughter, very patient in answering all of my questions and used to periodically check on how she is doing. I felt like she was holding my hand and guiding me through this process the whole time providing assurance that even though it was a long process, that atleast we were headed in the right direction. She not only has the knowledge, but the passion in the domain of food nutrition to heal the body. I would definitely recommend her for “fill in the blanks”
Deepika Krishnaswamy

Design Automation Engineer, Intel

“Many functional practitioners focus primarily on nutrition when working with children with disabilities. Vaish is really able to “pan out” to see the whole child and how they move through this world—always assuming intelligence, even when physical limitations, impaired verbal communication or behavior issues are present. 

Vaish is brilliant, kind and passionate about her work.  She helped me reframe my son’s situation in a way that gave me more empathy and more patience.  She reminded me that no child is broken, requiring “fixing.”  

Vaish’s Ted Talk was life changing and should be mandatory viewing for all healthcare professionals and educational institutions.”

Shelley Hurguy

RN, MSN, CRNA, CHHC Certified Holistic Health Coach

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