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a podcast for Education and Nutritional Support for kids with Disabilities.

Latest Podcast Episodes

61 Fight, Flight, and the Breath with Dana Frost

In this podcast for parents facing anxiety and sometimes delayed trauma like symptoms, Dana Frost leads us through

  • the 4 qualities of a healthy breath.
  • heart rate variability
  • heart-centered breathing
  • how to change your default trigger state.

All of these techniques can be used also by children that have some control over their breathing.

Listen on…




60 Functional Mushrooms for Focus and Health with Danielle Broida

Danille Ryan Broida is a mycologist, the National Educator of FOUR SIGMATIC and is teaching the world about a life on Functional Mushrooms.

We discuss:









59. Navigating OCD with Dr. Elisa Song

OCD can be debilitating for children, frustrating and many times more so for kids with expressive difficulties, non-speaking for example.

Autism and OCD expert Dr. Elisa Song talks to us about very accessible means of tackling OCD step by step. Always find a Functional Medicine Doctor to help you with any supplements.

2:10 The first things that Dr. Song addresses: GUT , NEUROTRANSMITTERS, FOODS IMPACTING GUT AND BRAIN.

5:45 Could this be PANS or PANDAS

8:30 Diagnostic testing

10:00 Anti-inflammatory Supplements

11:00 Inflammation

13:05 Is Diet the first step for all?

14:40 Targeted supplements for OCD

15:50 How long does healing take?

16:30 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

19:20 Flares and Remissions

23:00 The 5R approach of Functional Medicine

24:45 Fight or Flight Response and Vagal Tone

26:15 What parents can do right away for OCD?




58. Functional Medicine for Psychiatric and Neurological Issues with Dr. Achina Stein

Functional Medicine, unlike conventional medicine, treats psychiatric and neurological issues as not just silo-ed conditions associated with the brain but as whole body conditions.

Dr. Stein in her podcast breaking analogy talks about chronic inflammation affecting the body and the brain as the continual war between India and Pakistan!

Conventional Medicine addresses acute infection. Dr. Stein brings in her comprehensive SHIFT model to describe how functional medicine addresses chronic infection and inflammation.






make up the SHIFT model.

Dr. Stein gives us a peek into how puberty might shift the immune system.




57 Neurodevelopmental Therapy for Down Syndrome with Kay Ness

Neurodevelopmental therapist Kay Ness talks about

-the fundamental principles behind this technique: heirarchichal model of brain development and neuroplasticity.

-how lack of stimulation at appropriate age can interfere with brain development

-the number 1 thing to address in a child with Down Syndrome is Auditory Processing.




55 Dysregulation and the Microbiome

Dysbiosis (sometimes overgrowth of pathogens or the wrong microbes) can often result in symptoms of Dysregulation.

It is important to understand that this is not “behavior” and it is a physiological effect.

A 2017 study found that Candida abundance in guts of children with autism was more than double when compared to neurotypical controls.

This podcast explores long term strategies to impact dysregulation due to infections or dysbiosis.




54 Cranial Osteopathy for Disregulation with Dr. Wendy Neal

Dr. Wendy Neal, osteopath extraordinaire, talks us through the basic influences of cranial osteopathy:

-mobility of bones in the head

-mobility of sacrum

-movement of CerebroSpinal fluid

-movement of membranes around the brain

and how gentle and subtle support to these movements can help support and calm conditions from seizures to headaches to pain, sleep and even constipation.




56 Navigating Puberty and Anxiety with Dr. Julie Buckley

Dr Julie Buckley wows us with revelations about GABA levels and ways to address GABA and anxiety puberty and beyond, especially in autistic teens.

Listen on to hear about:

-GABA supplementation


-Diet and

-Presumption of Competence (isn’t it amazing how this finds its way in the most seemingly unlikely of places)




52 Supporting Neuroplasticity and Equipping Minds with Dr. Carol Brown

Dr. Carol Brown, founder of the Equipping Minds foundation takes us through the factors involved in cognitive development:

1. Processing
2. Working Memory
3. Comprehension and Visualization

4. Reasoning abilities and more …

while describing why it is important for learning to happen in a joyful manner and how IQ and academics are not at all the same thing as ability (regardless of diagnoses such as Down Syndrome or Autism).