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Non Linear Education

What if your child (with supposed learning delay, and/or intellectual disability) could actually LEARN age-appropriate Math and Science?

Non-Linear Education (NLE) is an incredibly effective teaching philosophy and system for parents and educators where you will learn how to teach your child Math, Science, or really anything (regardless of disability)!.

Non-Linear Education is RIGHT for Your Child or Student IF ...

  • You are a parent who has tried many forms of teaching before, but it seems like you just can't get through to your child. Your child doesn't listen to you and shows no interest in anything you teach.
  • You are a teacher (maybe a special ed teacher) working with kids with Autism or Down Syndrome. You know their potential is higher, and you feel bad about teaching the same things over and over again but you just don't know what else to do.
  • You have been told that your child is simply not ready for (or not capable of) learning Math or Science
  • Your child is stuck on addition or learning numbers for the last 5 years, and you can't remember the last time anyone taught them any science beyond baking soda - vinegar experiments.

In Non-Linear Education, you will learn

  • MODULE 1: When to Teach, Test, and just Stop!
  • MODULE 2: The 7 Learning Blocks
  • MODULE 3: How to teach age-appropriate Science!
  • MODULE 4: Math Education for children with Disabilities
  • MODULE 5: What to do when the world doesn't believe your child?
  • MODULE 6: Put together a custom ROADMAP for your child

On the right you see my son, Sid, a published poet and author who is Autistic with Down Syndrome. In his hands, he holds the book "Leaders Around Me" which includes his essay.

Sid's early education was using NLE principles, and is an advocate, poet, and in his words, a free thinker. We still use NLE as our framework for education.

Watch my TedX talk: "Who Decides How Smart you are"
to get started on the idea of Non Linear Education