This module is where we put everything together. There is a lot of really good stuff in this module about poop and sleep – the primary non-negotiables. We know our kids should poop everyday, we know they should sleep well. But do we know what that looks like? I know… TMI. But do we really know how to achieve these goals? Well… At the end of this module, you now do!

I include some fantastic guest interviews and frameworks and simple ideas that can really bring together the immense amount of knowledge we have soaked in over the past 4 weeks and bring it into easy implementation. 


  • 5 tips on how to achieve a good night’s sleep. You learn both from me, and an expert on what constitutes a good night’s sleep for kids, and how to achieve this. You will have your own bedtime routine that you can print and check off before your child’s bedtime and yours too.

  • 6 ways to treat constipation and what to do when nothing works. I love saying that Constipation is not a Miralax deficiency. If you are dependent on laxatives for your child to go, you will love this lesson.


  • 4 ways to address and heal from Diarrhea long term. Chronic diarrhea is usually a problem that needs to be addressed before true gut health can happen. We will brainstorm in this module what causes diarrhea and how to get out of it once and for all!


  • Simplify and Conquer your child’s week with easy meal frameworks and schedules.