We finalize the process of becoming the BOSS of your child’s nutritional health. No longer do you have to sift through thousands of parenting magazines, health blogs, or nutrition podcasts to know if dairy is good or bad. What is OK to eat, how much is OK to eat, should your child really be Paleo? 

There is an important Idea I teach in this module that I haven’t seen elsewhere so far. The idea and practice of the Least Restrictive Diet. 

As you know the ins and outs of your child’s sensitivities and nutritional status, now you have all the tools you need to plan meals based on a diet with minimal but sensible restrictions and modifications.


  • What is the deal with Gluten and Dairy? You learn who needs to avoid it, who can eat Gluten and Dairy, and what does hyperactivity have to do with it!

  • Alternatives to Gluten and Dairy. For those who decide to take off from Gluten and Dairy, you will learn the simplest and tastiest alternatives available in the market, and as recipes!

  • Design your child’s Least Restrictive Diet. This is a new concept for many people. People are used to either avoiding everything or eating everything. The Least Restrictive Diet is my plan to get your child eating as much variety as possible while removing the most inflammatory foods.