This module takes you deep into hidden causes of hyperactivity, aggression, mood and focus issues that other strategies may not address. Chemical Sensitivities can come from artificial sources, but even through naturally occurring foods. At the end of this module, you will skilfully be able to identify and remove food and chemical triggers that cause these symptoms.

We start off by looking at the matrix of foods in our life right now that disrupt hormones, moods, skin health and our children’s gut. This module is where you fine tune, finesse and really amp up your tool kit.


  • The 4 classes of chemical additives that can worsen moods, regulation, behavior and learning. Even if your child eats primarily unprocessed foods, whole foods, there are a few chemicals that even in small doses can really worsen symptoms of hyperactivity and worsen focus. You will go out with a clear plan of how to read labels, identify these chemicals and avoid them!


  • The 3 classes of NATURALLY OCCURRING chemicals that are healthy, but can increase behavior.
     Food, whole food, naturally occurring food can sometimes, unfortunately be a trigger. Many people, listen to outdated advice, end up avoiding these foods for ever. You will learn WHAT to remove, HOW LONG to remove, HOW to bring these foods back, if you choose.