If the first module drew you back to a state of rest and allowed the rest of the day to progress from a state of CALM, this module helps you actively nourish your child, providing them with key nutrients to break the vicious cycle of inflammation, picky eating, learning challenges and behavior.

Here, we start by pulling back a little again. There is a short movement intensive with a special guest and we learn about the role of therapeutic movement and reflexes in calming your child. 

Once a bit of CALM is established, we move to understanding the role of micronutrients in ADHD symptoms, in learning challenges, and how to bring these nutrients into your child’s body every day through food and maybe supplements.



  1. Common Nutrient Deficiencies that impair brain function and digestion – after blood sugar balance, this is the one key step that will help your child bring focus and balance back into their life. Research indicates that most kids with Attention Issues have some common nutrient deficiencies.  


  2. How to use food as Medicine to nourish your child with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. At the end of this module, you will know how to move to a whole foods diet, have recipes and frameworks to use food to fill in these important nutrient gaps. More importantly you will understand what brain-supporting nutrition means – to be able to filter through the confusing information about health and nutrition you see around you.


  3. Understand which Supplements to use and how to use them. Most kids with ADHD benefit from basic supplementation of some nutrients, and you will leave this module with an understanding of what these nutrients are and what I consider non-negotiables in the world of supplements!