I have gone before you in this path, made mistakes, tried extreme diets and interventions, and found that the very first step to changing is actually finding one’s CALM. This module gives you many ways to come around to a place of CALM and RELAXED focus, not just for you but also your child.

We start by setting your child up for success and relaxation with some simple techniques you can do everyday. The end goal is to achieve a sense of relaxation so you can start making the first dietary change that will revolutionize your child’s day: a balancing breakfast.

You are going to get simple daily techniques to pull your child back into a state of rest everyday, detailed frameworks for breakfast, guest interview(s) from experts in their field, movement advice, so that by the end of this module, the CALM is both internal and external. 

You will get help in mapping out an entire week’s worth of breakfast menus, with frameworks, guidance and understanding of what blood sugar is and how to manage it. 



  • Get a daily routine to relax your child and you and move from a state of permanent vigilance to relaxation and focus. This is really the key idea of this module. Pulling back like an arrow, so you can shoot forward with laser focus.

  • Get detailed information on breakfasts that balance blood sugar. THIS TOPIC is the meat of the module and the key to this course. Once you know how to balance blood sugar, most of the war against disregulation, mood issues, behavior and low focus is won!

  • Plan your week. You have assignments, you have support, you have frameworks and you have me ! Through live Q/As, constant support throughout this course, you will end this module with planning your week’s meals. Once you have done this once, you will be able to use this framework to do it again and again.