Building intelligence in your child with disabilities

3 pillars to move any student towards age-appropriate learning

Learn how to teach so your child is ever-improving, constantly learning and curious!

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In this live Training, you will learn:

3 steps to building intelligence even in kids with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

The Most Powerful tool to radically change intelligence

The 2 biggest mistakes parents make when they start teaching.

What changes when your child does not speak

One change you can make right away that will yield results immediately

A special strategy for Autistic kids and kids with Down Syndrome

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A Personal Invitation from Me

Vaish Sarathy, Ph.D.

I have been working with children with Learning Disabilities for almost 11 years now, and I can safely say that most of the time, I haven't seen TRUE Learning Disabilities. In other words, I haven't yet met a child who can't learn if the teacher knows how to access their learning strengths.

I am also Mom to a 16 year old non-speaking Autistic teen with Down Syndrome - who writes poetry, does Math grudgingly and wants to be an Anthropologist [for now].

This brand new workshop offers you a peek into my working strategy and comes from my 13 years of experience working with neurodivergent students. It comes from the enormous changes I have seen in my son and in other learners over the yeras. It comes from my eagerness to show you the method and the proof that EVERY child can learn, if we just know how to teach them.

If you are committed to moving your child ahead in their journey through age-appropriate education, this training is for you.