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I help you look into chronic problems such as migraines, autism symptoms, ADHD symptoms, behavior, growth, etc. and address root cause dysfunction using functional nutrition principles. We don’t just talk symptom relief. We take a systems approach via food and lifestyle optimization to achieve optimal health.

This is a mutual commitment of 1 month to help your child get a jump start in their process of healing and recovery.

We meet for 1 hr. You get a plan to take home. 

$175 $120


  • There are 3 steps to a child’s health: NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, RESPECT or LEARNING. Now you can add the word FUNCTIONAL to all of the above.
  • Functional Nutrition optimizes the ability of the child to be comfortable in their own body.
  • Functional Movement is the language of the brain.
    It helps the brain find new ways to move and think.
  • Functional Learning Assumes Competence, and figures out HOW the child learns and HOW they express themselves.

Functional Nutrition itself is at least 3-tiered involving Genetics, Inflammation and Digestion.

When we get started in tandem, addressing various sources of dysfunction with ease and respect, CHANGE follows slowly but surely.

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