This Disclaimer applies to all the information contained in this website (www.projectswasthya.com): on any page, blog or through personal contact with me (Dr. Vaishnavi Sarathy) via email, phone or in-person communication.

My training is as a chemist and as an allied functional nutrition practitioner. I aim to be your nutritional detective and guide in order to take you to your goal of health and well being.

However, I am not a medical professional. And nothing I say can be taken as medical advice. Information provided my me has not been vetted by the FDA or any other organization. Having said that, I will do my best to provide you with my sources at all times, though I cannot guarantee it.

Please do consult with your Primary Care Practitioner before implementing any advice you receive from me or this website in any form.

I can not guarantee results (positive or negative), either from working with me directly, or in group coaching sessions, or via following nutritional advice given on this website. Results depend on several things including most important: bioindividuality, your unique biochemistry, and your environment.

By continuing with accessing this website, or by continuing to doing a program with me, you release me of any liability that occurs as a result of you following information provided directly by me or via this website.

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