Roadmap to Attention and Regulation

Roadmap to Attention and Regulation

Roadmap to Attention and Regulation (ROAR) is a unique course where you will learn how to precisely use food and nutrition as powerful tools to transform your child’s moods, increase their focus, stabilize their energy, and get into a learning pathway and mindset. All of this in 5 weeks!

Course Content

  • Welcome to R.O.A.R
  • MODULE 1: CALM (The magic of breakfast)
  • MODULE 2: NOURISH (Micronutrients to the rescue)
  • MODULE 3: Clean (Addressing Chemical Sensitivities)
  • MODULE 4: Clean (Food Reactions)
  • MODULE 5: Integrate, Calm, Focus
  • Bonus Content


Non Linear Education

What if your child (with labels or symptoms of learning delay, and/or intellectual disability) could actually learn age-appropriate Math and Science? Non-Linear Education (NLE) is an incredibly effective learning philosophy and system for parents and educators where you will learn how to teach your child (regardless of disability) Math, Science, or really anything!.
Therapeutic Diets for Kids

Therapeutic Diets for Kids

The Therapeutic Diets Course is your personal guide to finding your way to an eating framework that supports your child’s health. This course follows the principle of Least Restrictive Dieting!