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Dr. Sarathy is a Functional Nutrition Educator. She has a Masters in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry. After her son (who has Down Syndrome) was also diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4, Vaish left her job at Intel to invest her time into nutritional research.

Over the next 5 years, she researched Ayurveda, Functional Nutrition and other traditional food traditions as they related to Autism and other disorders affecting children.

She then trained in Functional Nutrition with Andrea Nakayama of the Functional Nutrition Alliance and now practices as a Functional Nutrition Educator, specializing in children with chronic health conditions.

Vaish believes that cognition is a faculty available to children of all and any labels. Her motto is that “An equal accessible education and sound nutrition are the birthright of every child!:”


M.Sc. (Chemistry), M.S., Ph.D. (Environmental Chemistry),
FBS (Full Body Systems) Graduate, FNLP (In Training), BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner (In Training)
Mother of a child with Special Needs. 

“I believe that an equal education, respect, and sound nutrition are the birthright of EVERY child, special needs or not. And I believe in competence of the child, and the intelligence of the body to repair itself given the tools!”

what i do and
why i do it

5 years down the line, Sid now writes poetry, does pre-algebra, some algebra, is learning Chemistry, and plays scrabble and chess (All of this without Speech).

We still manage gut health very closely and never let go of the fact that he is smart, incredibly smart, just like your kid, I bet!

My son, who I described earlier, is now 11, and we have had a wonderful tumultuous journey of learning, love, laughter and extreme frustration too!

Sid has many conditions that affect him. He has Down Syndrome, is Autistic, has suspected Cerebral Palsy and is non-speaking with very limited fine-motor skills to top these!

When he was 3, our local special educators told me that he was in the bottom 0.1% of the population. He was considered severely developmentally delayed and I didn’t think he understood a word we said. He didn’t identify alphabets or colors or numbers, and responded to all stimuli with this blank stare that would freeze my heart.

At 4, he had a severely inflamed gut, raging yeast infections, periods of maniacal laughter, low energy and recurring viral infections. There was no eye contact, no acknowledgment even of my presence.

This is when we did an intensive but food-based period of gut healing and after two years, when he was 6, via what I can only call a miraculous event, we figured out that he was completely there, and had been all the time, and the poor guy was just BORED.

We moved to RPM (Rapid Prompting Method, an incredible respectful means of academic learning, that eventually Sid used for communication as well).

Genetics load the gun, but your lifestyle, environment, your food pull the trigger” – adapted

SO WHAT happens when we work together?

  1. I am here to help you reclaim your child’s health through the magic of food and lifestyle (and yes, supplementation, when required). I did say Because it is not simple, the manipulation of food and the digestive/immune system is complex but extremely effective.
  2. I am here to take you beyond creams and pills. Beyond the band-aids that your PCP and several other specialists have likely prescribed.  
  3. I take this journey with your child. Even if your child is non-speaking, even if your child appears to not know anything that you are saying, even if your child is aggressive, this journey is most effective when done with the child involved. I can help you integrate your child into this nutritional journey so it is truly done from a place of respect and communication.

As I mention in many places, your child’s tantrums, his asthma, her eczema- ALL predominantly start in the gut. But the story diverges from there involving the immune system, the nervous system, the adrenal glands, the skin, the liver and this story is not only controlled by the microbiome, but by many factors in their environment.

As a Functional Nutrition Educator, I help you identify and treat these factors.

“Vaishnavi is an amazing listener and great at explaining how things work. It was great working with her to understand what works for my body and what doesn’t and that every body is different. She has easy tips to make small changes that have big effects to your body. “

Deepika Nukala

Sales and Operations Analyst, IBM

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