“Vagus nerve stimulation is to change the patterns that are coming up through that nerve or those nerve fibers into the brain.” JP Errico

Did you know, <<First Name>>, that your child’s nervous system has a switch!

That anxiety / “behavior” / OCD / gut inflammation have a switch?

The vagus nerve is THE SWITCH of your nervous system – turning it from fight/flight/freeze – rest/digest/learn.

If you have done everything except learn about vagus nerve stimulation, I highly recommend learning about that today.

This is why I interviewed 2 vagus nerve experts recently: the first of whom is JP Errico, who has worked in the field of neuromodulation for years. 

JP says “There is no level of inflammation, physical or mental or central nervous system inflammation, that is not damaging.”

And that stimulating the vagus nerve is one key way to reduce inflammation.

Here are 5 steps you can do to stimulate your child’s vagus nerve now:

  1. Laughter, Humming, and Singing are the most accessible ways to stimulate the vagus nerve and start to turn OFF inflammation.

    Even if your child is non-speaking, chances are they can hum and you can always tickle them 🙂 

  2. Massage and Relaxing Body work. Use an Ayurvedic Massage oil for added benefits (Banyan Botanicals has some blends I use – not an affiliate, just a recommendation) 
  3. Deep Breathing – this is a tough one if your child does not have voluntary control over their breath. I strongly recommend that you (the adult) start with this. Your regulation often determines your child’s regulation. 
  4. Cold Exposure – you can do this for yourself along with the deep breath. 
  5. Listen to this podcast to learn about external stimulation methods when the above don’t work or are not enough. 

Do hit reply and let me know if your child struggles with anxiety, aggression or gut inflammation , and if you have tried, or plan to try supporting the vagus nerve!