“Practice becomes grounded when attended to for a long time, without a gap, with honor and respect.” – Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Nothing works – part 2

You know those people that try a new thing and lo and behold, their kid’s transformation is magical, everything works right for them,

those people that post their annoying running pics where they have look sleek and athletic and everything you want to look like without actually running…

those people whose kids with disabilities are apparently running triathlons where our kids won’t get out of bed,

Turns out there is a 2-step framework for making this happen

  1. Doing the right thing
  2. Doing it DAILY

And it’s not an easy task to find the right thing to do!!

For example, my husband claims that running everyday can help me be fit. I hate running. It is NOT the right thing for me. I am never going to do it daily. And I would collapse from anger, frustration and annoyance if I did!

The right technique makes sense, you know how to implement it, and you don’t hate it.

And there is a clincher – the right technique can be done by yourself without outsourcing (sure, out source if you need to)…

The right technique brings change, however, ONLY WHEN YOU DO IT DAILY, regularly.


And so I’d like to introduce you to the 3-10-30 technique.

When starting a habit, when you want a technique to stick, try it for:

3 times a day

10 mins (at the beginning at least) each time

30 days CONTINUOUSLY, without gap.

Some of the things I started working on using the 3-10-30 method were:

  1. Exercising
  2. Teaching my son age-appropriate math and science
  3. Writing lesson plans
  4. Creating an anti-inflammatory meal plan and prepping for the next day

Keep in mind that choosing the right thing is critical.
So, how do you choose the right thing to do? Check out my podcast, and last week’s newsletter, for more tips.

So, find the right intervention, and use the 3-10-30 technique to do it everyday!


p.s. I’d LOVE it if you would write to me and tell me what you are starting with. Maybe like an accountability partner.