“All words in every language are metaphors.”

– Marshall McLuhan, Canadian Philosopher, “Father of Media Studies”

Welcome back!

Let’s talk about bilingualism for a bit. I know that if you are from a country with multiple languages like India, chances are that you are polylingual.

And if you are from a country with an internationally dominant language like the USA or UK, you may be monolingual.

Whatever the case may be, chances are that your child with a communication delay or a diagnosed learning disability is being raised in a monolingual environment (i.e., being exposed to only one language).

According to this fascinating study that JUST came out in NATURE, being bilingual protects against cognitive decline and also supports social cognition.

And I spent some time looking at other research, in the process learning some fascinating things about the benefits of being bilingual.

What does this mean for us? Some of the answers are obvious

  • speak in an extra language with your student / kid,

And some are less obvious

  • use different forms of communication with your learner

This is why I recorded today’s podcast. I’m going to break down: 

  • What the documented results are of being bilingual
  • How you can start right now with your child
  • What this means for communication

If there is one thing I know about you, it is that you are here to take action!

divya, Hit reply and let me know how you plan to implement bilingualism with your child!