“People, Machines and Mathematical Functions have this in common: a system for Input, Processing and Output. A mis-tuned output system cannot represent the computational power of an instrument accurately.” – Vaish

You are wondering why it is so hard for your child to learn Math, divya! And I’ve got answers for you. 

I don’t think my child can do this, Vaish. Nothing seems to be working…

I can see why you would think that, especially, since a majority of techniques actually DON’T work with kids who are Autistic, and especially with kids who have Down syndrome.

And that is why, in today’s podcast episode, I am sharing the 2 major mistakes we make as parents (and even as educators), and what you can do about it.

In Episode 132, you will learn…

  • Why you should shift your focus from proficiency to curiosity
  • Why input is infinitely more important than output
  • What happens when we do a lot of repetition (which is par for the course in usual Math instruction)

I can promise you that if you do just the 2 changes I list in Episode 132, you will see a transformation in your child’s Math education.



P.S. After you listen to this episode, send me a quick note if you think I can answer another question in a different episode.