“Math is Brain Candy” – Dr. Jen Leon

So, Math!

If you have been teaching addition to your kids and losing hope, if you think your child can’t do basic multiplication, this email is for you!

– If you think your child is an “Arts” kid,

– If you think your student is intellectually delayed,

– If you think Math is way out of your league,

There is something very important you need to know:

Math may be the among the most regulating things you can teach your child.

My guest, Math teacher Jen Leon, calls Math Brain Candy for students. And it is.

The thing is Math is a life skill, not just because your kid needs to go grocery shopping one day, but because it teaches them to use parts of the brain that are rarely used by other subjects.

Math brings the mind to a state of pure logic, which in itself is enormously stabilizing.

If you are not teaching Math to your child, because they have Down Syndrome, or because they are supposedly intellectually delayed, teach Math!

But just teaching Math is not enough. It has to be at least slightly challenging – not in your eyes, but in the brain of the student.

So I invite you to listen to Episode 131 with an open mind, my friend. It can change a lot of things for you.

Onward my friend!


p.s. Stay tuned for my next email, where I will share how 🙂