A Blood sugar balanced meal (fat+fiber+protein) helps energy, moods and focus. 

Ok, <<First Name>>, Your podcast titles helped!

At the end, it was a close call between “The Learning Lab” and “Non Linear Learning”, and I went with Non Linear Learning because it was closer to brand for me. 

The new format of the podcast is 2x a week – one of them is a short motivational section that I read out, and the other is a long form interview!

In today’s Monday Motivation (yes, I know it is Tuesday :D, the podcast came out yesterday),

there are 2 ideas that really stand out:

  • It is not hard to have an anti-inflammatory diet that is gluten and dairy free (and vegetarian in our case).
  • A high fiber / protein low-on-sugar diet may mean the difference between regulation and dysregulation for your child. 

Some of you wanted to know exactly what I feed my son [Sid has Down syndrome, is Autistic and is non-speaking].

What do I mean by an anti-inflammatory diet? I explain in this super-short podcast.

Click here to learn about: 

  • Nutrition as a cornerstone of learning 
  • A gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian meal plan for one day
  • How to balance blood sugar on a vegetarian diet


Here is something to think about after listening to this podcast:

  • What is ONE thing that you could remove from your child’s diet?
  • What is ONE food you could ADD to your child’s diet?


Onward, my friend!