There are 4 pillars that support Health Eating Habits:
1. Gut Health
2. Nutritional Status
3. Regulated Nervous System
4. Posture and Breath

Are you frustrated about your child’s eating habits?

Picky Eating can exist in a spectrum – from kids that are mildly selective (like kids throughout the ages – like you and me when we were kids) to a pathological disorder called ARFID.

The incidence of super selective eating and Autism (and even Down syndrome) is pretty high.

Straight off the bat  – I want to share with you my PICKY EATING TOOLKIT – with 6 strategies you can use right away.

But we all know that along with the tools, we need something more.

I have been looking to find practitioners who know their way around picky eating [look to the bottom of the email for a list], and this is what I found:

  1. Nutritional Status is critical to Picky Eating. Poor Nutrition can cause Picky Eating and Picky Eating can impact Nutritional Status. [This is where your toolkit is important] 
  2. The exact same thing is true for Gut Health – including Infection and Inflammation 
  3. The nervous system plays a crucial role in our experience with food, and regulation is key to creating a safe and regulated environment. 
  4. Especially for younger kids (and especially with Down syndrome), posture is important. If it is a competition between breathing and eating, breathing will win!

What I have also learned is that:

  1. the road to overcoming picky eating is a LONG one, but there is hope at the end of the tunnel.
  2. It is important to have a plan and to know what to do day after day, week after week, and have monthly and quarterly goals (yes, I am not kidding). This is why it can help to have a functional nutrition practitioner (like me) in your corner.

Today’s podcast guest Stephanie Mara Fox brings a completely different perspective to Picky Eating – she calls her approach Somatic Eating and I can’t recommend this podcast enough.

Click here now to learn about :

– The role of the nervous system and regulation in how your child’s body reacts to food

– How Trauma can affect their response to food and what TRAUMA is!

– Tools for regulation, such as body awareness and co-regulation.

Just a reminder – you know what to do, you have got this, my friend!



P.S. Here are my top 3 picky eating podcast episodes for you:

  1. 18 feeding tips for the picky eater
  2. The cycle of nutrition and picky eating in kids with Shandy Laskey
  3. Picky Eating and Down syndrome