Did you know that there are almost 120,000 published papers studying Magnesium in Pubmed, and 150 of them just study Magnesium supporting hyperactivity. 

Over 300 study the effects of Magnesium and sleep and over 2000 publications study Magnesium and depression and it goes on. In fact last I looked, you could type in Magnesium and ANYTHING and you’d find a study for it.

Today’s episode is one of a kind – an expert leads us into incredible detail into the physical and physiological principles behind picky eating and other feeding disorders, specially in children and adults with Down syndrome.

If that sounds complex, I assure you that while it is complex, it is not complicated. Dr. Kay Toomey, in this episode talks to us about postural stability and breathing and how they relate to Feeding Delays. 

I love it when an expert takes us back to the basics. We are often so busy looking for hacks to a particular issue that we lose track of the fundamentals. This episode is just that – a journey back to the very basics, so we can pick up what we missed and address the root cause of picky eating.

You can find Dr. Toomey at www.sosapproachtofeeding.com and you can find her freebie made just for you – a collection of Low Oral Motor Demand Foods at www.functionalnutritionforkids.com/feedingsos

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This is a repost of a previous episode, previously published on May 06, 2022



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