Did you know that there are almost 120,000 published papers studying Magnesium in Pubmed, and 150 of them just study Magnesium supporting hyperactivity. 

Over 300 study the effects of Magnesium and sleep and over 2000 publications study Magnesium and depression and it goes on. In fact last I looked, you could type in Magnesium and ANYTHING and you’d find a study for it.

But should you do Magnesium Glycinate or Magnesium Sulfate or Magnesium Citrate

Today’s guest Laura Collinwood, Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Coach, talks to us about the importance and all-pervasiveness of Magnesium – the different types and when and why they are important.

Magnesium can be a phenomenal support for Autistic people in that it supports anxiety, hyperactivity, constipation and sleep – symptoms that often co-exist. 

To know exactly what forms to use and where (a sort of bullet-point summary of this podcast) get your Magnesium Toolkit here: 


You can also reach Laura and her fantastic Magnesium Products at https://www.health-and-wisdom.com/

This is a repost of a previous episode, previously published on Jan 16, 2023



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