In this week’s Wednesday Wind-Up, we explore the connection between motivation, feedback, choice and learning, for children with disabilities – whether Down Syndrome, Autism or a generic “learning disability”.

In less than 7 minutes, you will learn exactly what 2 things you can do rightaway to build learning and motivation in your child.

00:00 The Science of Motivation and Learning
03:12 Optimizing Learning for Children with Disabilities
04:59 The Power of Choice and Communication in Learning
If you are interested in learning about NON LINEAR LEARNING – check out this free guide to learn 5 strategies to turn ON your child’s learning switch.



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Disclaimer: The information in this Podcast is for educational purposes only. Vaishnavi Sarathy, Ph.D. is an educator, not a doctor, specifically not your child’s doctor. Please consult your physician before implementing any supplement or diet recommendations.