Dr. Vaish Sarathy interviews Andra McHugh, the host of the Eczema Kids podcast and founder of the Eczema Kids brand. Andra shares her personal journey of dealing with her children’s severe eczema and her quest to find natural solutions.

In the face of extremely conflicting dietary advice, Andra cracked the code using functional nutrition and ayurveda.

  • “There’s so much that you can do within your home environment to help bring down their histamine levels and make your environment a little less triggering.” – Andra McHugh

Tune in to learn about:

  • Overcoming Eczema Without Steroids
  • Nutritional Strategies and Topical Treatments for Children’s Eczema
  • Integrating Ayurveda and Functional Medicine in Eczema Treatment
  • Managing Eczema Through Diet

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Disclaimer: The information in this Podcast is for educational purposes only. Vaishnavi Sarathy, Ph.D. is an educator, not a doctor, specifically not your child’s doctor. Please consult your physician before implementing any supplement or diet recommendations.