Being multi-lingual and multi-communicative may be the way that our kids with Autim / Down Syndrome find richness of language and expression. What does mean? And what’s the latest research? Stick with me for this super-short focus episode about multimodal language and brain health!

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What the documented results are of being bilingual
  • How you can start right now with your child
  • What this means for communication


00:56 Bilingualism and Cognitive Protection
03:12 Enhanced Memory, Attention, and Executive Function
04:11 Takeaway 1: Expose Kids to Multiple Languages
05:04 Takeaway 2: Communicate in Multiple Languages
06:00 Takeaway 3: Using Different Forms of Communication


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Disclaimer: The information in this Podcast is for educational purposes only. Vaishnavi Sarathy, Ph.D. is an educator, not a doctor, specifically not your child’s doctor. Please consult your physician before implementing any supplement or diet recommendations.