Did you know that teaching Math is uniquely regulating? Not just Math, but slightly challenging Math.

This episode’s guest, Dr. Jen Leon, has a unique name for Math – Brain Candy! And I totally agree.

-So what makes Math brain candy?

-What makes it a life skill?

-What makes it grow your child’s mind, even if you think they have a learning disability, in fact especially if you think they have a learning disability?

Listen on to learn more….


Dr. Jen Leon is the Director of All Minds Academy, an online high school program for neurodiverse students who communicate best by spelling or typing. All Minds Academy recently announced a new, accredited high school diploma program through a partnership with Global Village School that’s starting Fall, 2024.

To learn more about Dr. Jen’s math services and high school program and to schedule a complimentary initial consultation visit allmindsacademy.com.


If you are new to Non Linear Education principles, I (Dr Vaish Sarathy) have a brand new toolkit with 5 strategies to get you started on this journey.

Use them to switch on your child’s learning switch. You can find this free toolkit at www.functionalnutritionforkids.com/nonlinearlearning

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