Tracking your child’s food intake and habits is the single most effective way to understand their behavior and make change!

Welcome to another exciting Friday with a really exciting innovative offering by my friend Animesh Kumar. 

For the longest time, I have been telling my clients, kids that I work with, really, anyone that I meet, that unless they log their data, they are not going to notice patterns.

Here’s a story for you:
Anna came to me telling me her child was eating super clean but going through these major behavioral struggles.

But every suggestion I gave her was dismissed because “they had already done that and not seen results.” 

I pleaded with Anna to keep a diary for 5 days. Yes, there was some resistance. But guess what?

We looked at the diary together – and found that every day at 5 pm, her son was eating crackers with a side of a spread that contained a dairy byproduct [which they hadn’t seen]. We knew that her son was highly sensitive to dairy!

Guess what, my friend? Logging works! Journaling works.

But also, logging is a huge pain in the you-know-what!

Animesh has an autistic son, and through a rigorous period of trial and error has come up with this really imaginative solution to make tracking your child’s nutrition easier. 

You really need to check out this podcast my friend to learn:
– how using an AI driven program helps track food intake and nutrition
– how it then connects the dots to determine correlations between your child’s behavior, sleep and intake
– how you can get custom suggestions in the future about interventions that can support your child. 

Onward my friend!