Should we ditch all labels for our kids, <<First Name>>? Some of you had this question, and I have some thoughts.

“Why do you call your son Autistic? Why does your son call himself Down?”

“Aren’t labels harmful for our kids’ progress and acceptance in society?”

“Labels are for cans, not people.”

“People first language is the most respectful.”, etc.

      (Ok maybe you personally didn’t have this question, but I have received this in many forms, since I started posting on Instagram)

The questions are extremely valid, and I see that we are transitioning into a thinking of:

Should we pretend our child has no disability or Should we accept the Labels or Should we make it clear that these labels don’t define my kids?

      And so, I recorded this podcast yesterday about the value of labels and when you need them!

In this podcast, I cover:

  • Why you need to shift from labels to identity.
  • What it means to embrace disability in all its forms.
  • The impact of language on the disability community.

This is Down syndrome Awareness Month. And awareness means nothing if it doesn’t evolve into Acceptance, which in turn means nothing if it doesn’t evolve into Celebration.

      As parents and educators, we really cannot hope for a symbiotic relationship with our kids and students without an active celebration of their disability.

And THAT’s why I think you should listen to this podcast.


In other news:

My dear friend and colleague Sonia Story is offering her transformative course- 
Brain and Sensory Foundations , which includes comprehensive movement therapy training and is loaded with bonus resources.

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