“When will the waves stop? When can I bathe in the sea?”
– Tamil Proverb, source unknown

Should you start your child’s therapeutic diet now!

Are you waiting to finish that trip, this Christmas, that family gathering, before you start your child’s diet?

My initial journey through my son’s anti-inflammatory diet was not easy. It didn’t start with perfection.

The quest for perfect adherence to a diet will make sure you never start.

Through my rather long and intense journey through the world of therapeutic diets, I learned many things, 3 of these are:

  1. It is critical to get started
  2. Allow yourself to fail liberally initially
  3. Find a balance and stick to it for a few months.

There is no perfect season, or perfect time.

The best time, as my mentor Soma Mukhopadhyay says, was yesterday. Well, at least let’s start today.

In a month, Roadmap to Attention and Regulation will launch. If you want early dibs and a discount, you can join the waitlist now.

I did a rather informal survey a few months ago – where based on an Autistic child or teen’s regulation, I inquired if they were on a specific diet, and I found a remarkable occurrence.

Out of say, about 50 kids, preteens and teens I surveyed, or talked to their parents, as the case may be, every kid who was stable, regulated and comfortable in their body was on some version of an anti-inflammatory diet.

I want to take you back to an older episode I did last year where I talk about the 2 biggest myths in the world of therapeutic nutrition.

Hint: Myth 1: Everything is OK in moderation.

So what I am trying to say, is that a) commit to an anti-inflammatory diet, and b) get start in whatever way.

If you need help, ROAR is open for you next month!

Onward my friend!


p.s. Yes, I do have a breakfast recipe for you – this time I am routing you to a link –  The Most Amazing Almond Flour Pancakes