Your Child’s Behavior is because their body is trying to keep them safe.

How’s it going !

A lot of the Mom burnout / Dad burnout / Teacher burnout that I see is because parents and teachers are not equipped to understand / deal with behavior.

A child’s behavior is a lot of things – it is not however always a power struggle.

While this is true for all kids, especially if your child is Autistic / has Down Syndrome, behavior can be a means for self – protection. 

My guest in this week’s podcast is Casey DePriest and we had a very detailed discussion about what behavior looks like, and where it comes from. 

Here’s where behavior can come from: a feeling of being unsafe. We respond to unsafe situation through a fight / flight / freeze response. 

1. Fight can look like aggression [ a child trying to find their way out of a situation that feels unsafe]

2. Flight can look like elopement or running away [a child misunderstanding the environment and trying to keep themselves safe]

3. Freeze can look like stubborn-ness [Hello parents of children with Down Syndrome]. If I don’t want to fight or leave this place, I am just going to be stubborn as heck!

In this episode you will learn what you can do to help a “behavior”

1. Bring back the sense of safety:
2. Back off / Don’t push 
3. Appeal to the logical part of their brain in a gentle voice [this part is not involved in the fight/flight/freeze response]

I have found that music and essential oils can do wonders to bring the brain out of this state.

Listen to episode 116 here.

Until next week, friend!