“Repetition makes us feel secure and variation makes us feel free.”
Robert Hass, Poet

Do you struggle with your student / your child being disengaged and uninterested in learning?

You know, where everyone is just telling you to teach them math, but their eyes glaze over, or their entire body is angled away from you.

Perhaps your child with Down syndrome won’t even come close to you for a lesson. Or maybe, your Autistic Student has disruptive behaviors when you try to teach them. 

Last week, I presented as a Keynote Speaker at the Spellers Conference about a way of teaching that can help overcome resistance, a way of teaching that can build intelligence – called Non-Linear Education.

What I have learned through years of teaching my son, and other neurodivergent kids is that there is ONE key technique that both builds intelligence AND engagement.

This is the technique that I teach in this week’s podcast episode! It is usually a technique I teach in my class – Non Linear Education – but I decided to share this in my podcast because it was too important to not share.

Click here now to learn about the most important technique to cultivate complex intelligence in your child, while at the same time increasing interest and motivation in learning.

And just a reminder, your child is smart, and so are you. Let’s go on our ways presuming competence and assuming intelligence.