“The “experts” mostly never get it right.” – Ido Kedar

Happy New Year 

Let’s talk learning for a second here… 

Not intelligence, not cognition (whatever that means), not smartness (again … no idea what this means), not academic achievement, simply learning.

If we rely on organizations like Autism Speaks to teach us about learning, we learn that “over 31% of children with Autism have some form of Intellectual delay, with IQ < 70)”.

Many “experts” who work with kids with Autism or Down Syndrome think that intelligence is something kids are born with. 


Who on earth knows what this “intelligence” even means. All I know is that I have never met a child with a true intellectual delay. 

And I have never met a child who cannot learn. When we focus on learning as opposed to intelligence, we have tools we can use. 

So, how can we make change?

Four tools when used consistently can help remove most obstacles from a child’s learning path:

  1. Brain Nutrition and Gut Health
  2. Sensory Integration 
  3. Non Linear Education
  4. Appropriate Communication

And because OPTION 2 is super important, I interviewed an experienced Special Educator Ange Anderson about sensory integration – specifically Auditory Integration.

If you have a child that presents with unexplained learning delays, Auditory Processing is one really under-explored area. It is easy to see (easier, I should say) when a child has difficulty with Visual Processing, but not so easy to understand Auditory Processing. 

And this is a unique episode in that it ended up being a pretty exhaustive list of various sound therapies that Ange has used over the years and has found to be impactful in improving her students’ regulation. 

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you are ready to make the shift in your child’s learning this year.  

So, <<First Name>>, after you listen to episode 104, I’d LOVE to hear about what you think about Auditory Integration. 

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