“Anything that is tight, irritable, crampy, and stiff — whether it is a body part or an even a mood — is a sign of magnesium deficiency.” – Dr. Mark Hyman

My son has been struggling with sleep and headaches for a few months now… And while I don’t believe in magic cures, this one came pretty close. A few days of Epsom Salt Baths – literally just soaking in the bath for 20 mins – took care of the struggle Sid had in falling asleep AND his headaches. That’s good old Magnesium for you!

If you ever needed convincing that Food and Nutrition is the BOMB in treating attention AND regulation, Magnesium is the answer. And the detailed answer… that’s in today’s podcast.

And as we start our LEARNING and FOCUS journey in 2023, what better way than to blast off with Magical Magnesium. It’s like winning the lottery (or Stanley Cup)!

Today’s podcast is for you if your child experiences difficulty in:

  • Sleeping
  • Headaches / other pain
  • Regulating Stress

My goal is for you to be able to take away from today’s podcast at least one form of Magnesium (because as you will learn, we all need Magnesium) that you can use with your child effectively to help them sleep better and just overall feel a sense of calm. 

Click here to learn all about Magnesium. 

Onwards, my friend!


P.S. I’m also sharing a shortcut cheat sheet about Magnesium (inspired by this podcast) and you can download this here.