“Education without Nutritional / Gut Support deprives students of a fair chance at success. Nutritional Work without an Equal Education is of no use.”

– Vaish

Hi Friend,

I have shared often that the 3 most CRITICAL tools I found to support learning in my son and students have been:

  1. An Anti-Inflammatory Diet [zero compromise]
  2. Cranial Osteopathy [or some movement / body work]
  3. Creative Writing [Free and Fluent Communication]

I hope to talk to you more in the coming weeks about each of these “Interventions” – but I want to address the first of these – the most foundational support we have – DIET.

*So what exactly IS an anti-inflammatory diet?*

This is a great question, and in today’s podcast, I will explain broadly what the common factors of anti-inflammatory diets are.

And because diets are so misunderstood, I want to share the 5 biggest myths and mistakes involved with anti-inflammatory diets.

In today’s podcast, you’ll learn:

  • What foods to eat, and not to eat
  • How long it can take to see results, and
  • Why more restriction is not better ….



P.S. I am sure you will have more questions once you hear this episode, please hit reply to this email and send me your most burning question.