“The Roof of the Mouth is the Floor of the Nose” – Dr. Meghna Dassani

If you have not looked at your child’s sleep, today, listen to this podcast episode, at look again. 

No, it is not just the number of hours.

No, if your child has too much energy – it doesn’t mean they are sleeping well.

Sleep Disorders in children manifest very differently from how they manifest in adults. 

Clues such as:
– chronic bedwetting
– messy sleeping
– making wrong food choices

can all be a symptom that your child may have disordered sleep. 

Today’s podcast is an eye-opener – as Dr. Dassani talks about the hidden symptoms of this epidemic among our kids today.

I’ll be following up on Wednesday with a free download on Sleep Issues – and what you can do about them. 

Until then,

Onward, my friend!