“Things happen when they are effortless. This is really the key to all change. Change with daily effort simply does not sustain.”

If you have been cringing every time some well meaning doctor / nutritionist [ahem] says “just change your child’s diet, and the behaviors will reduce”….

If you have been mentally sighing about the number of times you have tried to change your family’s diet and failed …

And if you are ready to punch the next person who tells you that nutritional change is easy..

then, this podcast is for you, my friend.

In Episode 110, of the Functional Nutrition and Learning for Kids, I talk about why breakfast is important, but there is a habit that is more important than breakfast – that often leads to breakfast. 

If you have heard me talk, <<First Name>>, you know that I value an anti-inflammatory breakfast with some protein over most other changes – because it works magic.

But sometimes, children don’t want to eat breakfast, or they don’t want to eat the breakfast you are giving them. What then?

Listen to this episode to know:
– What Keystone Habits are
– The no. 1 habit change you need to make that is going to affect your child’s appetite and mood
–  3 ways to get started on your keystone habit today, AND
–  to sign up for the POWER BREAKFAST CHALLENGE that starts April 3. 

Onward my friend,