“School is hard, but we are harder.
Our children deserve a rich and equal education.”

Hello again!

I did not disappear (ok I did, I was on vacation, and I forgot to say in advance, but I am back!)

And I am not just back, I am back in time for the scariest season of the year, also known as Back to School!

It’s not just me who is scared to go back to school, right? I know you are too, mom, dad, teacher even…

As I have been talking to a few parents of children with Down syndrome / parents of Autistic Kids, I have found that the biggest fear many moms have is that their kids are severely underestimated and misunderstood

Right? Do you feel that?

Ok… Story time… I want to share an experience 

An experience that keeps coming back to me is the day that Sid’s middle school teacher called me to complain that Sid was not listening to instructions to vacate the classroom during a fire drill.

This was so ridiculous, because if you understand Autism at all, you should understand the Fight-Flight-Freeze response. And Sid (like many other kids) was simply frozen.

I learned that day that the reason schools often don’t work for our kids is because many professionals who are supposed to care for our kids simply do not understand disability, don’t understand ADHD or Autism or Down syndrome.

I also understood that I had to figure out how to prepare myself and my son, so he would have a successful School Year.

That’s why I made this 10-step guide for you to print and work on.

To get ready for this year’s school crazy, you have two things to do:

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And just a reminder, school is hard, but we are harder. And our children deserve this!

Onward my friend!


P.S. My new podcast is up now – and it is PHENOMENAL – but I’ll talk more about it on Tuesday.