“Believing that diet is unimportant is the biggest disservice we can do to our kids’ mental health, immunity and learning.


Believing that food and supplements are everything is a disservice to your child’s intelligence.


Eat good healing food. Move on.” – Vaish

Can we please talk carbs – this is a much needed conversation – and I am talking about carbs in our kids’ food.

The truth is that as long as your child is having refined carbs, problems in their diet that seem to relate to carbs are going to exist.

And that is why diets like GAPS, SCD, Ketogenic, Paleo may seem very attractive – especially if you are looking to heal your child’s gut issues.

Don’t get me wrong – these diets work very well, but come with an expiry date – because microbiome diversity, gut health and gut integrity ultimately rely on source of complex carbs in your child’s diet.

I actually teach about therapeutic diets [and you can get this course for free if you enroll in Roadmap to Attention and Regulation], but this fear of carbohydrates is doing a number on our society these days.

Today’s podcast is a much need [if very fiery] discussion between me and the phenomenal physician Dr. Erica Peirson about the value of restrictive carbohydrate diets [in kids].

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Why GAPS (and other restrictive diets) can fail your child?
  • The story of a child who turned around when carbs were introduced
  • Gut motility and the microbiome
  • How to think about grains and gluten

My goal is for you to walk away from this conversation with a respect for your child’s body’s innate intelligence, and a knowledge that carbohydrates have been naturally a part of most of your ancestor’s diets for thousands of years.

Listen here to step out of fear and move into an empowered understanding of food.



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