Intelligence is the ability to see nuance. If we cannot see nuance in our kids’ abilities and dump labels on them, we can’t call *them* intellectually delayed, because we are exhibiting a distinct lack of intelligence ourselves.  – Vaish

Dear Mom / Teacher,

If you think your student is “severely” delayed, this episode is for you. And I don’t mean any offense by the quotes. 

I don’t mean that your child is NOT struggling, they probably are. But we need to see the severity for what it is. 

Because Sid was a “severe” kid when he was young. Professionals would refuse to work with him because he was too low-functioning. And now he’s not.

In this podcast, I discuss what a severe disability means. For example, when we say low-functioning or severe, we usually mean:

  1. Behavioral Issues that manifest as aggression, anger, etc.
  2. Lack of control of child’s own body –  the child or adult is completely dependent on others for their daily routines
  3. Lack of functional speech. 

I can’t think of a fourth. And every one of these issues can be addressed. 

Listen to this episode to learn how, and to change your child’s severity of diagnosis.