Nutrition Regulates so Education can Equate

Choosing the best supplement or diet for your Autistic child does not have to be this completely random struggle that it often is.

Let’s try Omegas, now let’s try some B Vitamins, now how about some immunoglobulins?

Nothing works? Well try them all at once!

No, no, and no.

When people talk about biomed / nutrition / gut health / supplementation / vitamins etc for Autistic kids, they don’t often know it, but THIS is what they are thinking 👇👇

From a medical perspective, symptoms of Autism are associated with 6 major biochemical pathways:

  1. Gut Dysbiosis
  2. Inflammation [Gut / Neuro]
  3. Immune Dysfunction
  4. Oxidative Stress
  5. Methylation abnormalities
  6. Mitochondrial dys-function

And even one of these (and it’s never just one, believe me) can cause serious discomfort. 

So when you see your child being dysregulated, in pain, acting out – so called behavior, the first thing to ask your doctor is whether one or more of these pathways may be at fault. 

When you are looking at supplementation, consider these pathways. What is your supplement going to support – which of these pathways?

And even as you take a deep dive, never forget that having a medical model to explain physical discomfort does not mean that neurodiversity is not real!

We can’t even begin to support our kids without acknowledging and celebrating neurodiversity. 

Remember that Roadmap to Attention and Regulation is a good place to start with Gut Health – the mother of ALL OF THE 6 PATHWAYS above.