Sulforaphane turns on genes in your cells. It’s like turning on a Christmas tree with 250 bulbs all alight with ONE SWITCH.

– Dr. Christine Houghton

What’s cooking <<First Name>>!

Listen, we know that brain health ties in to gut health – right? If you have been following me, you probably have this fact memorized. 

And food-based medicine is the #1 way to treat gut health.

But how on earth do you do this when your child is so addicted to the foods they are eating, and are not willing to make changes?

Ok I have some answers for you, <<First Name>>!

I hear you – making nutritional changes is hard, when your child’s gut is already a mess. 

In today’s podcast episode – number 115 – I sit with Dr. Christine Houghton, who talks about her experience with the magical Sulforaphane and how this is the one gateway molecule that helps pave the way to gut health. 

This is a phenomenal episode – you will not believe how powerful sulforaphane is! 

For one, it is 80 times more bioavailable than curcumin! 

You have probably heard about research on sulforaphane where they saw improvement in behaviors and social communication skills in children with Autism. It has been such a buzz word in supplements since then. [ https://www.pnas.org/content/early/2014/05/29/1416940111 ]

In this podcast you will learn:

  1. Why sulforaphane is an effective gateway therapeutic molecule, 
  2. How it can be used to build up gut healing in patients, 
  3. Why food doesn’t work instead of supplements in this case, and 
  4. What dosing looks like
  5. Why you shouldn’t just overload on broccoli

This is a big one, folks. Don’t miss this episode! Dr. Christine Houghton is a gem – and I am sure your brain will be as lit as mine was!


p.s. This is a supplement – so start with the buy in of your doctor or nutritionist. 

p.p.s Reach out and tell me what your experience is with sulforaphane. Just hit reply!