“Among 10 Autistic Kids or 10 kids with Down Syndrome, every one of them likely has a different learning style.” – Vaish

Let’s talk about how we think that school is going to teach out kids everything they need to know. 

Out of a 100 neurodiverse kids I have worked with and spoken to, school has generally been the last place where learning happened. The more the physical and sensory impact of disability, the less school helped. 

This means that we need to start thinking out of the box.

One area of education that I would love for you to think about is that education does NOT have to happen step-by-regimented-step.

Which is why I recorded today’s podcast, where I break down for you:

  • What Non-Linear Education looks like
  • Who it works for
  • What is standing in your way

I know that there is not a single child in the world who is incapable of learning. Just as I know that your child can learn whatever they want to learn.

After you listed to episode 108, do write back and tell me how this applies to your child’s education.



p.s. Did you know I teach Chemistry, Science and Math to my Neurodiverse Students. If your child has a communication technique they are comfortable with (RPM / S2C / Speech / AAC),
reach out to me at vaish@functionalnutritionforkids.com if you are interested in exploring a Science / Math path for your child.