“Education without Nutritional / Gut Support deprives students of a fair chance at success. Nutritional Work without an Equal Education is of no use.” – Vaish

What is the best food I can give my child to help them learn better?

Welcome to this Friday’s 3 point Focus.

Today’s newsletter includes:

  1. Introduction to our super-nutrient of the month
  2. A research paper focus and summary
  3. This week’s choline rich recipe

So, What is the best food I can give my child to help them learn better?

While I am tempted to say, there is no such thing, drop this quest and start teaching age appropriate material (and this is quite true)…

There still remains one nutrient that comes close to what I might call a magic nutrient in supporting:

  1. Cognition
  2. Moods
  3. Gut Health
  4. Visual Motor Skills (!!)
  5. Microbiome Composition
  6. Gut Epithelial Health
  7. Methylation

And more….

And we are not getting enough.

Egg Yolks are a phenomenal source of choline (please skip the egg while omelettes if you are concerned about gut and brain health). 

What I do for choline:

My son doesn’t do a ton of eggs. So, I am using Lecithin Granules with my son’s morning hot chocolate as a source of choline.

Onward my friend!
p.s. Don’t forget to keep scrolling for my favorite study this week and a smoothie recipe rich in choline

Today’s Research Paper Focus:

Naber, M., Hommel, B. & Colzato, L. Improved human visuomotor performance and pupil constriction after choline supplementation in a placebo-controlled double-blind study. Sci Rep 5, 13188 (2015).

A summary of this paper is:

  • Choline supplementation can improve visuomotor performance and pupil constriction.
  • Occupational therapy and perceptual vision training can enhance visuomotor skills in children [obviously].
  • Perceptual vision training can improve performance skills and cognition in non-sports contexts.
  • Visuomotor abilities play a crucial role in athletic performance.
  • This perceptual vision training is what we may call visual processing.

So basically the authors are saying that choline supplementation + visual processing exercises can help increase visuomotor skills. 

(And we can deduce that this can help learning, because a lot of learning in Autistic kids and kids with Down syndrome is contingent upon visual-motor skills]

Blend and Serve.