“Up to 80% of Autistic kids experience some form of sleep disturbance – and are 2.5 times more likely than neurotypical kids to struggle with falling asleep.” 

If you are reading this email, chances are that your child either struggles with, or has struggled with sleep at some point.

If you read my email, or heard my podcast (Episode 110) last week, you know that sleep is a keystone habit. This means that it is impossible to function in ANY WAY if your child doesn’t sleep.

And the clincher is that if our children don’t sleep, we don’t either, right?

That is why we are re-visiting an old discussion with my friend, Deepa Kannan, in today’s podcast – episode 111 – 10 strategies to help your child fall asleep.

Listen to this episode to know:
– Strategies BEYOND room darkening and reducing screen time (yes, I know that is not always an option)
– The relationship between communication and sleep
– How breakfast may impact sleep [it’s true the other way around too]

Onward my friend,

p.s. If you don’t have time to listen to the whole episode, remember to  download the strategy sheet here for a handy cheat sheet.