“Genes are signposts” – Amanda Archibald.

Genes are signposts, indicators of function and dysfunction, but we have the power to change their expression through food. We always start with food. – Episode 113

There is a reason your cousin’s kid is eating far more junk than your child and is still walking around with a razor sharp focus and an attitude to match. 

There is a reason your neighbor’s kid actually says no to sugary treats (!!, I know, who does that).

Just as there is a reason my husband can stop after a micrometer thick slick of cake, whereas I have polished the whole cake after my first bite.

There is a genetic component to food addiction AND nutrient deficiencies. We are all wired differently, but the cool fact is that this can actually be tested and measured. 

And because we aren’t all wired the same, we can’t eat the same foods, or be fine with the same mulitvitamin.

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Amanda Archibald about the importance of diversity in food as medicine. We discuss:

  • Why Euro-Centric cuisines could be completely missing the point for other cultures.
  • The interplay between genetics and nutrient deficiencies
  • Why it is super important to start with food first!
  • Neurotransmitters and Nutrient deficiencies
  • The 3 most important nutrients that everyone (almost) needs. 

If you are looking at your child’s health and are curious about how you can be specific about their needs, this is the podcast you need to listen to. 

Onward my friend!